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Butterflies and Buffalo news release photos and content


Several Saporito Finishing employees were on hand September 18th in Chicago’s Loop for the unveiling of the World’s Largest Film camera at an event kicking off Dennis Manarchy’s project, Butterflies and Buffalo.

Saporito Finishing was approached by one of its customers, Tek Pak, to lend their finishing expertise to a one-of-a-kind project of truly epic proportions. We proudly stepped up to the challenge providing over 60 years of finishing expertise to the project. Saporito, among others, helped bring the concept to fruition culminating in the unveiling Wednesday night at 2 North Riverside Plaza in Chicago’s Loop. The unveiling featured some of the subjects of the project but the centerpiece was the World’s Largest Film Camera. Saporito Finishing provided Gold anodizing and Electroless Nickel on multiple parts of this one of a kind camera.

The camera will be on display here in Chicago’s Loop until October 31st after which, it will embark on a planned 20,000 mile journey documenting 50 different cultures across the United States. The camera will capture these cultures on one of a kind 6 foot negatives producing photographs up to 24 feet tall with detail that surpasses even the most advanced digital cameras of today.

The project is set to begin in the Midwest capturing the Ho Chunk Tribe of Wisconsin, Eelpout Fishermen of Northern Minnesota, Indiana’s Amish, Holocaust Survivors, and Chicago Bluesmen. After this the project will embark on a tour of the USA capturing cultures from coast to coast.

For more information and to watch the video, go to the Butterflies and Buffalo site.

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