Newly refurbished and upgraded Automatic Zinc Rack plating line

Oct 3rd, 2022

Saporito Finishing is proud to report the commissioning of their refurbished Automatic Zinc Rack plating line. The line now features state-of-the-art PLC controls and a programable computer HMI interface to allow for a wide variety of cycles to support a vast array of finishing recipes. The computer system also records process information and exports the data to a database that can be reviewed anytime, anywhere, providing objective process parameter documentation in real-time.  The line capacity was upgraded to 1,150 pounds allowing for zinc plating of very heavy parts. Work bars, racks, and saddles were all redesigned and upgraded to provide greater uniformity across the entire load package reducing variation in coating thickness while improving overall plating quality. Several additional tanks were added to the line extending the footprint to over 100 feet. Safety features were upgraded, and additional features were added to ensure the safe operation of the line and the safety of our employees which is priority number one at Saporito Finishing.

Upgrades were also made on the hoists to safeguard customer hardware including an ultrasonic carrier detection system that prevents line crashes enhancing the protection of customer parts in the process. The overall project came in at just under $1,000,000. The results of this capital project include:  

  • improvements in quality, repeatability, reliability, and turnaround
  • reduced downtime for repairs and maintenance
  • increased capacity to support the growth of our customers.