Aluminum & Magnesium Coatings

At Saporito, you will find a full-service anodizing facility for aluminum and magnesium capable of applying a variety of finishes. Besides pre- and post-processing, we offer capabilities for masking and critical racking of your parts. By meeting all of your technical requirements in one location, we can reduce your lead times and transportation costs. Listed on right are some of the processes offered.

Chemical Films

Qualified materials produce coatings that range in color from clear to iridescent yellow or brown. Inspection difficulties may arise with clear coatings because visual inspection does not reveal the presence of a coating. The default coating is yellow, unless otherwise specified. More on Chemical Film Treatment.

Dow #7 (ASTM D1732, AMS M 3171 TIII)
Dichromate, Chemical Dip Conversion Coating

Chemical treatment No.7 (dichromate) is a chemical dip conversion coating and is most commonly used for magnesium and its alloys. The applied coatings may vary from light to dark brown, with no appreciable dimensional change, normally applied after machining and before painting. The coating possesses good base paint qualities and protects parts during shipment and storage. Dow 7 conforms to Specifications Mil-M-3171 Type III and AMS 2475.


Passivate finishing incorporates the recommended practices for cleaning and descaling stainless steel parts, equipment and systems. Cleaning includes all operations necessary for the removal of surface contaminants from metals to ensure maximum corrosion resistance of the metal, prevention of product contamination, and creation of the chromium oxide layer that imparts the exceptional corrosion resistance to stainless steel.

For information about how our aluminum and magnesium anodizing processes including DOW7, DOW9, Passivation, & Chemical Films can help improve your next metal finishing project, contact us or request a quote online (You can even attach a file or schematic).