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Benefits: Corrosion Resistant Trivalent Chromate for Zinc


Trivalent high corrosion resistant chromate by Saporito is a clear/blue Trivalent chromate offering resistance for up to 150 hours to white rust (corrosion) and 264 hours to red rust (chromate) when tested to ASTM B117 neutral salt spray testing. The new trivalent chromate produces an attractive, bright blue trivalent chromate to meet automotive and other industry standards.

When testing 1010 cold rolled steel panels, zinc plated to .0002" minimum thickness and chromated in the high corrosion resistant trivalent chromate, the panels showed only 3% white corrosion and no red rust after 264 hours.

High corrosion resistant trivalent chromate yields higher corrosion resistance than conventional hexavalent chromates while producing a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing blue-bright appearance compared to the iridescence and non-uniform appearance of traditional hexavalent chromates, including yellow and olive drab.

The trivalent chromate also eliminates the environmental concerns associated with toxic hexavalent chromates, while meeting the automotive and European directives to eliminate hexavalent chrome. High corrosion resistant trivalent chromate is not affected by baking or exposure to heats associated with curing processes typical in paints, powder coats and rubber molding, as well as service conditions.

Traditional hexavalent chromates dehydrate when exposed to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. These dehydrated chromates crack and expose the substrate underneath which then corrodes and fails completely. Trivalent chromates can be baked at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with minimal degradation of their corrosion resistance making them excellent bases for paints and rubber bonding and superior to hexavalent finishes.

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