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Zinc Trivalent Chromate Sealer Salt Spray Test


Salt Spray Test Background

Five hundred pieces of customer hardware were barrel plated and chromated in Saporito Finishings high-corrosion resistant chromate. Two sample sets were submitted for zinc trivalent salt spray testing based on ASTM B117-95, 5% neutral Salt Spray Test.

Following barrel plating on all 500 parts, 50 pieces were subjected to a subsequent treatment in a chromate sealer that enhances the corrosion resistance of the chromate.

Two sets were prepared:

1) Five customer parts processed through the barrel process and trivalent chromate.

2) Five blanks taken from the processed parts and sealed

Salt Spray Testing Procedure

The parts were placed in the salt spray chamber / cabinet, supported by polypropylene rods and cable ties

Zinc Trivalent Chromate Sealer Salt Spray Test Chart

Salt Spray Test Results

A set of the as plated and zinc Trivalent chromated parts were tested along with parts, which were zinc Trivalent chromated and sealed. Both sets met the 240-hour salt spray requirement; however, the Zinc Trivalent sealed parts performed better.

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