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Metal Finishing Issue "Summertime is Corrosion Time"


Metal Finishing Issue "Summertime is Corrosion Time"

This is great news for air conditioning salesmen but metal finishers and their customers need to bring their "A" game when tackling corrosion resistance at this time of year. Care needs to be taken in the proper rust prevention and packaging necessary to get parts into our capable hands. Once we receive your parts we need to focus on the weather and how that weather affects corrosion before, during and after the finishing of your parts. Corrosion sensitive products need extra TLC at this time of year when applying Chemfilms, Dow processes, NH35, TCP and other various processes. We have the expertise to get the job done. We've attached 2 lists, one with suggestions for you our fabulous customers and a list that we follow that helps us through the summer/corrosion months at Saporito Finishing Company.

Customer List

1. Rust Preventatives after machining.

a. Increase RP concentration and usage in the summer months.

b. Apply RP liberally to all surfaces and especially machined surfaces prior to shipping.

2. Cover machined parts and package to protect from humid environs.

a. Layer pack with cardboard dividers and desiccant paper or packs.

b. Wrap skids in shrink wrap to prevent further environmental effects

3. Deliver parts with time frame in mind.

a. Keep properly packaged parts for early deliveries to ensure effective processing. Try not to hold product over weekends and holidays.

b. Specify and support additional corrosion protective packaging products throughout the summer months.

Saporito List

1. Receive and inspect incoming parts.

a. If rusted notify and address with customer.

b. Add RP if necessary.

c. Move to production line as soon as possible.

2. Run and complete finishing of the order.

a. Keep racks/ barrels submerged during processing.

b. Reduce time over tanks.

c. Properly apply specified finish and post treatment.

d. Blow off and completely dry surfaces prior to packaging.

3. Repackage per customer specification or better.

a. Handle parts with care.

b. Wear gloves to reduce skin contact.

c. Package in an area of free flowing air.

d. Add necessary desiccant packs or paper to protect work.

e. Tape boxes and shrink wrap for delivery.

f. Do not hold products over weekends or holidays.

Don't worry, summer will be over shortly, but it is good to know that we have the expertise and wherewithal to keep your metal finishing quality high during this trying time of year.

Keep up the good work...... FINISH STRONG!!!


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