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The search for a High Performance Trivalent Yellow Chromate


The trivalent clear or blue bright products have been on the market and performing well for over 10 years now and the market has forced some of the yellow zinc plating to shift to the clear or blue chromates. Because of the history of the hexavalent yellow chromate and the performance and the appearance of the product, several industries are sticking to their guns and staying with the yellow chromates. At Saporito Finishing we want to offer our customers the best performing plating processes available and we have looked deeply into the trivalent yellow chemistries to attain optimum coating effectiveness. 

The following data is a copy of our yellow trivalent matrix we utilized to find you the best performing yellow trivalent chromate over our zinc plate. Our technical team put together a 144 panel matrix testing 6 vendors in various operating conditions to the failure level of red rust. The data shows the results of the panels through 24 to 528 hours of neutral salt spray testing. Saporito Finishing is using the highest performer on this matrix with excellent appearance and corrosion results. There is no hit or miss mentality at Saporito Finishing. We actively test and persue the most up to date chemistry and process control to provide a World Class Finish to our World Class Customers


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