About Saporito Finishing

Providing Plating & Anodizing Services for over 60-years.

The 1940s were a tumultuous time for our nation; while World War II was well underway, a young man in Chicago by the name of Charles J. Saporito had purchased a metal finishing company focused on military work for the war effort. At that time, it was not unusual to find Charlie Saporito and his wife wiring parts in their kitchen to prepare for the next days plating work.

Following the war, the business was renamed C.J. Saporito Plating Company. As the company evolved, it looked to expand its scope – so in 1956, Accurate Anodizing was purchased. Three years later, both companies moved away from the roar of the elevated trains to Cicero, Illinois, occupying a 25,000 square foot plant. Saporito Plating went on to add its Magnesium Anodizing Division in 1964.

Disaster hit in 1971, when the entire Accurate Anodizing plant nearly burned to the ground, rendering all of the finishing equipment unusable. Within one year, all three companies were housed at Saporito’s present address in Cicero, Illinois. Since then, the facilities have expanded to include more than 100,000 square feet.

In October 2001, the name of the company was officially changed from C.J. Saporito Plating Company to Saporito Finishing Company to reflect our total capabilities in coating, deburring and tumbling.


Saporito is also a leader in environmentally responsible finishing. Charles J. Saporito set a standard in pollution compliance that has been passed down over the years. Realizing that one day his grandchildren would be drinking the same water he left behind, Saporito became the first metal finisher to voluntarily request a permit from the Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago to treat his company’s wastes. Since then, Saporito Finishing has strived to maintain high standards in areas of environmental regulation. Most recently, Saporito Finishing was the recipient of the Governors Award for its environmental¬†compliance activities in the state of Illinois.

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