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Boeing Approvals

  • None    Processor Basic Quality System for D1-4426 approval only    Quality System
  • Type I- Class C Only    Anodizing of Magnesium (Dow 17 Process)    MIL-M-45202
  • None    Anodizing of Magnesium (Dow 17 Process)    BAC 5734
  • Dow 17 Only    HAE Anodic Treatment of Magnesium Alloys - Type I    D210-12020-1
  • No Capability To Mechanically Clean Or Pickle Sand Castings    Conversion Coating on Magnesium Type III (Dow 7)    MIL-M-3171
  • None    Process Solution Control    Chem. Testing
  • None    Salt Spray Testing    ASTM-B-117
  • Types Ii- Iii - Iv Only    Corrosion Protection - Magnesium    HP4-9
  • None    Anodizing Aluminum    PS13201
  • Except 7075-T6    Tin Plating    PS13025


  • Standard Terms & Conditions