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Saporito Finishing Company, a leader in the Anodizing and Plating industry, is pleased to announce the debut of their newly redesigned web site to showcase their anodizing and plating services.

Saporito tests their Saporito Finishings high-corrosion resistant chromate sealer with a Salt Spray Test. Five hundred pieces of customer hardware were barrel plated and chromated and tested.
Trivalent high corrosion resistant chromate is a clear/blue Trivalent chromate offering resistance for up to 150 hours to white rust (corrosion) and 264 hours to red rust (chromate).
Saporito Finishing Company offers a high-corrosion trivalent chrome conversion coating for aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings that will help eliminate the need for toxic hexavalent chrome use.
Hard anodizing aluminum makes aluminum retain the basic advantages of aluminum while providing greatly improved wear, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.
With the right tools and the right manufacturing processes, you can seethis kind of increase in your zinc rack plating requirements.

Saporito Finishing is your single source for anodizing and metal finishing processes. Magnesium anodizing, metal plating, mechanical finishes and aluminum treatments.

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